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Programme and project delivery specialists

Accentium is a hands on business focused programme and project turnaround and delivery specialist that works with clients in the UK and overseas.

The company was formed by a team of like minded individuals and award winning consultants that live and breathe programme and project delivery. Our niche is helping businesses in industries such as financial services, gaming, insurance, legal, utilities and internet SaaS to transform their business through expert programme and project delivery.

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Ideas into action

The right strategy will only be as good as its implementation. We excel at delivery and are passionate about turning your ideas and our joint expertise into a successful outcome.


Business transformation

Whether you require a new software platform, or embedding new business processes and procedures into your organisation to make the company more efficient, whatever your ambition we can help you.


Get back on track

If you have a runaway project, and need it audited, reigned in, recovered, and then delivered in a timely, iterative and controlled manner by experts, then we can do it.

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What we can do

Our Services

Programme & Project Delivery

We can structure your programme or project in a way that assures delivery. Our delivery experts will work with you to turn your ideas into well executed delivery that you can be proud of. We will ensure the team delivers regularly and often to bring business value to you early in the process.

Programme & Project Recovery

We have rescued projects and programmes of all types in highly political environments where others have failed to do so. We have recovered projects and programmes in many industries. We have also vetted and worked with offshore and onshore suppliers to reduce project costs for clients to get the project over the line within the remaining available budget.

Programme & Project Healthcheck

We can review your project or programme, figure out what is wrong, and make practical recommendations on how to get your  project or programme back on track – quickly.

Things our 'go to' guys have done

Our Work

SaaS Data Centre Migration

SaaS Data Centre Migration

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Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

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SaaS platform re-build

SaaS platform re-build

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Solvency II Programme 2015

Solvency II Programme 2015

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We are hiring

Join Us

We are a small company. We are not Accenture or IBM. However you will find that many of our guys have worked ‘off brand’ for the larger consultancies where they became the ‘go to’ guys. We are looking for ‘go to’ guys who want to get in on the ground floor and join a company that will expand its client base in the UK, Europe, USA and the Emirates.  We are looking for those who know that the ‘extra mile’ actually means rolling your sleeves up and getting things done rather than recommending options but taking no responsibility for them.  If you are delivery focused, smart, have a great work ethic, and a collaborative approach to making things happen then contact us as we are always on the look-out for the best. This could be the start of a fantastic journey where you will get rewarded well, and have opportunities you never thought possible.

For a confidential chat, in the first instance make contact….

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SII – QRT Reporting

SII – QRT Reporting

Article 132 of the directive requires companies to invest only in assets and instruments that can be properly identified, measured, monitored, managed, controlled and reported. In terms of reporting, the insurance industry will report mainly via Quantitative Reporting Templates (QRTs’) and these require much more granular data  and further look through – I.e the ability to…

SII Programme – Structure

SII Programme – Structure

I was recently asked to review and then deliver a Solvency II programme of work via one of my associates. The programme had been under way for some time and a rapid turn-around and acceleration was required. All the work associated with all three ‘pillars’ needed to be delivered. January 1st 2016 is the date…

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